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I read all the remedies and tried to find one that I havent already tried and I knew I had in my house. I have had 2 bad cavities for a few months and cant afford to get them fixed because they require root canals. I tried the Vanilla Extract and it worked more than any other remedy I have tried. Did not take the pain all away but most of it. I soaked a qtip in it and held it on my tooth.

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My husband just tried this remedy with the Vanilla Extract and I got cussed out and said it hurt worse than it did before. Thanks!


I tried the clove, worked but barely, tried the whiskey worked for about maybe 5 minutes after I spit. Right now the vanilla seems to be working but I think it's just because of all the alcohol in it, but feels abit better then the whiskey. Ready to try anything, ie mixing all 3 in a cup, let it sit for awhile then swish that in my mouth


Thanks so much,I thought you was full of shit but i tried it and my pain is gone.


Tasty vanilla extract, lol!


I didnt have vanilla extract so I tried almond extract, it burned like hell but did help the pain a little! Thanks!

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