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Today is 08/08/08.

Ok people. This is the 3rd time I have came to this site looking for home remedies. First because my dog had Mange, then my friend had a boil and now for Plantar Warts. And I KID YOU NOT, EVERY ONE OF THE REMEDIES I HAVE FOUND HAS WORKED!!!!

When my 10 yr old son showed me his foot about 6 weeks ago, I just brushed it off and thought it was just a 'callous' on this foot. When he showed me again last week and he had more of what I thought were just a 'callous' but now on BOTH feet. I knew these had to be Plantar Warts. I called my brother who had experienced these with his kids a couple years ago and he came over and confirmed they were Plantar Warts.

Right away I came to this website and saw the Duct Tape & Apple Cider Vinegar remedy and all the results that people wrote about. So what did I do....went home that night (7/30/08) with duct tape and apple cider vinegar. My brother bought some WARTNER for Planter Warts to try too. So what I did was, 1 foot NOT USE THE WARTNER, just the ACV and Duct Tape, and the other foot use it the Wartner Wart Remover. ALONG With the duct tape and Apple Cider Vinegar. The Wartner is just to be used ONCE. NOT EVERY NIGHT.

Today is 8/8/08 and I have put the duct tape and cotton balls soaked with ACV, on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since then. Covering each wart with its own soaked cotton ball. Left them on only to change the tape and the cotton balls every night. I also file the wart down with a foot file/pumice stone. I may have missed like 2 nights of the soaked cotton balls because my son complained of the soarness. But kept the duct tape on. I do this just before he goes to bed. Make him wear socks over his feet. Make him wear the tape with the cotton balls the whole next day until its time to change them again. NEVER EVER taking them off but to change the tape and cotton balls.

It took about 5 days and me worrying that maybe this wasn't working. On the 6th day, I unwrapped his feet when ALL 6 Warts were BLACK in the middle (including the one that I hadn't used the wart remover on). We were jumping for joy. One looks as it its about ready to fall off, the others are a little deeper in his skin, but still black and I will continue to file them down until they are totally gone. I think this might take about another week or 2. I honestly think it is the duct tape and ACV that is killing the warts.


It takes a few days to notice a difference in the wart, but it does work. You just have to be patient. Not to mention, my son had a little wart on his finger that I have been doing the same therapy to since I started on his feet, and that one too is now black in the middle.

Going forward, I will always come to this site before going to the Dr. for home remedies. Like I said, this is my 3rd time visiting it and EVERY SINGLE METHOD I HAVE TRIED WORKED.

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