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Use some mayo( must be the real mayo) or just make your own out of egg and olive oil. But apply the mayo on your hair and leave it on for about an hour or if your looking for a deep treatment apply the mayo on your hair overnight making sure to put a towel on your pillow. Then shampoo and codition hair as usual.

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T. in the I.E.

What about the smell?? I've heard from people that the mayo smell doesn't wash out for days! I'm sorry, but that's yuk! I think the coconut ideas sound better, at least I'm sure they smell better. :)
My hair is about 32' long from the top of my head. & yes it gets dry... I sometimes use E.V. Olive Oil. It helps; rub a dime size in your hands and rub in hair. Its ok. I would like to hear from another person w/long hair who is also over 30yrs old if they have something that works better. As older hair is dryer than younger hair. :/


In reply to T. in the I.E's comment...

I'm 31, I've never measured my hair lol, but I'm roughly 5'10' and my hair reaches to mid backside. I have naturally curly hair which means I get oily roots and dry ends (I keep my hair long to weigh down my curls). I also permanent dye my brown hair black every other month.

Anyway, the best thing I've done for my hair is change my Shampoo & Conditioner to Sunsilk's 'longer & stronger' it's the black bottles (works great in my hair and you use significantly less than most other S&C's).
I find the most important step in my hair care routine is to give my hair a 'final rinse' with cold water, which is tougher to do in the colder months but I cheat with a Luke warm rinse ;) hair retains heat & heat is bad for hair so I guess my aim is to remove as much heat from my hair as possible before I hop out of the shower.
Then, when I can afford it I use argan oil on my damp hair.

I don't like putting any heat on my hair so on rare occasions when I use the hair dryer, if I have time I'll dry it on the cold setting, if I don't have the time, I dry with the hot setting but finish with the cold (again to remove as much heat as I can).

Every now and then my 'routine' feels like it stops working. When that happens;
If my hair feels heavy and dull- I grab my cheap generic shampoo that I've added bicarb to and use that followed by my regular conditioner. The bicarb helps cleanse and remove any build up on the hair.
If my hair feels dry and frizzy/static- before I go to bed I grab my cheap generic conditioner and thoroughly coat my dry hair then I pin it up and wrap my head with cling/plastic wrap, leave it overnight and wash out in the morning.

So that's what I do for my hair, hope you find something useful or even just a laugh at my expense ;)

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