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I've had a seriously painful boil at the top of my butt for about a week.I tried cream after to cream to try and soothe it but nothing had worked..until now. you take a bar of industrial soap (very hard, usually has a name that starts with sun..?) shave a small handful off with a grater. then take an equal part of sugar (i used raw) and add to the soap shavings in a cup. To that add some hot water, and mix vigorously. let stand for about 15 mins and you'll notice it becoming more of a paste. Take a compress and slather it in the mixture, then put compress on the boil and cover with some sort of bandage/gauze. keep switching it up every couple of hours. as far as i know this isn't a cure for the boil, but at least for me it made the pain of it very bearable- i'm actually able to sit down! hope this helps :)

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I have been looking for this recipe, a woman that my mother was good friends with, told my mom to use Ivory or Dove soap and use the sugar and you make the paste with milk, I believe, I used to use this mixtrue/paste on my mom when she had boils, and it would draw it out. I now get these horrible things and I was looking for this recipe, thank you so much for sharing!!!

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