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If you have an upset stomach and cant keep anything down smoke marijuana, it will settle your tummy and increase your hunger. Also very good if you have a hangover

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is smoking weed really neccessary to cure a stomach ache? there are other SAFER AND POSSIBLY NON ADDICTIVE remedies. maybe remedies for MINORS.


my favorite part about all this, is how the site is supposed to be a cumulation of remedies around the world and everyones talking about 'it's illegal, it's illegal...' Its not illegal everywhere, and for the ignorant americans that fail to realize that its not illegal all over the us. May your God definetly help you, ya need it...


you guys are ridiculous, it's this persons natural life style, stop judging them, who cares what this person said, get a life and leave them alone! you do not get addicited from smoking weed, retards.


the only addictive quality of weed is the psychological addiction, where you have a mental dependance on weed. THC itself has no addictive qualities unlike things like heroine, and cocaine do. where your body creates a physical reliance.

it is just an herb, if you're an addict, then that is because your mind is to weak to deal with reality.




This is just plain stupid. Just no.


Alright, Marijuana is not addictive. Won't ruin your life, or cause any physically or mental harm. If you are deciding to smoke, then smoke it up. I recommend a sugarcane, or. Heavy indica if your going to be free for a few hours. And can sleep :). Hybrid if you have to do stuff. Don't get a sativa. It's not ment for those kinds of pains. Don't do edibles. They r hard on your tummy. Take small relaxing hits. Dnt go and rip a big bong. And cough up a storm, ur abs will tighten and everything will get worse. Their are other remedies, but this by far is the safest. Marijuana is the safest 'drug' out their. Everything the reagan administration released about marijuana is a lie. He was proven roung. Stoners R not those hippies you see on the street strung out on coke and meth. I've smoked for almost 4 years. And I've yet to touch another drug.. Or even think about it. no other drug in compairison, is quite like the marijuana high. It's controllable. Unlike alchole and other drugs, where you can't 'sober up' if you needed to. POT WILL NOT JUST MAGICLY FIX YOU, YOU STILL ARE AWARE OF THE PAIN YOU ARE EXPERIENCING, IT'S JUST NOT SEVERE, OR ON YOUR MIND AS MUCH. Enjoy a toke <3


By the way, stop hating on marijuana, learn the facts about the most widely used illicit drug in the world. Not the anti marijuana campaigns. Those r very deceiving. YouTube - best marijuana documentary and watch the first one. With the girl as the thumbnail. Best video by far. Please learn about the benefits of marijuana and all the facts before you start saying its a drug. It's a plant. No chemicals, not artificial, it's just a plant.

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