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If you have an upset stomach and cant keep anything down smoke marijuana, it will settle your tummy and increase your hunger. Also very good if you have a hangover

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You probably use this illegal drug for everything including fun. How dare you post this advice on this website. Go get help you drug addict.


Sorry, but advising anyone to try something illegal is irresponsible.
There are pages and pages of home remedies and by the time you have tried several of them, you will be well on your way to feeling better. As with any other health issue, if the problem is severe and persistant, you need to contact your physician.

Dr. House

Everyone who says it's addictive is a serious moron. Smoking a small amount of weed can heal a stomach ache. It assists you in relaxing and taking your mind off the pain. It also helps for other small aches and pains. Just because someone gives the advice doesn't mean you have to do it. Seriously, stop being so idiotic.


I smoked pot day after day for years. One day, I found out that I was pregnant and I stopped that day. Never had a single symptom of withdrawal or any problem what so ever. I didn't even crave it. It is NOT addictive. I haven't smoked it in 21 years.

I do hear that it is much more potent these days; but, I still doubt that one can become addicted to marijuana.


My sister is addicted to weed. I understand how you said 'if smoked once to cure an ache/pain, you will feel better and you won't be addicted'. That's a crock of shi*. So now everytime you feel a pain or have a stomache ache you will smoke weed?


It's very funny how cigarettes and alcohol (top 2 killers of the USA) are acceptable and appropriate to society, but the second somebody says anything about a healing herb you are deemed a 'druggy'.

Marijuana is proven to help nausea, so obviously if you use the 'drug' you know it helps. But for a first time user? I'd probably use the other remedies.


I agree that this is an inappropriate post because it is illegal. As far as the comparison to alcohol and tobacco, would you suggets someone have a drink if they are feeling anxious? Probably not.
But I do agree that the stigma attached to marijuana is rediculous. In response to becoming addicted, there are some people who have addictive personalities and may abuse marijuana (or anything else for that matter), but there are plenty of people who can use marijuana reasonably and responsibly.

And it will cure a stomach ache.


Sure. Pot makes you feel relaxed and what not, but so does drinking. Your basically saying it's okay because it relaxes you and makes you feel better. People DO get addicted to pot because they become dependent on it for happiness. Not a good suggestion. Don't go and smoke pot people. Do the tea with honey.


DON'T pay attention to this person! The person is obviously trying to take drugs! DO NOT DO THIS REMEDIE! >:(

miami boy

you big dummy hold on thats not a bad idea lol feel better already

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