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If you have an upset stomach and cant keep anything down smoke marijuana, it will settle your tummy and increase your hunger. Also very good if you have a hangover

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Anti Drugs

OMG u freeek ru trying to make everyone druggies!!!



i know this is very illegal, but its true!


and im sorry, but you will NOT become a drug addict. Pot is not an addictive drug...and as many of you know...pot is prescribed to people with terminal pain. It is also trying to be legalized in many different states...


Illegal XD


It actually does help some people. And is givin' to ppl who have nausea because it increases the appetite and calms you. Everyone has different reactions to it though, so I would advice against it unless you know what ur reaction is going to be.


its not a drug, its an HERB. you will not become a druggie if you smoke marijuana. you cant even get addicted to it.


i suggest that u dont smoke pot. there are other remedies and u dont have to resort to smoking pot. people say its not addictive? well be safe and dont try it anyway. it will mess u up


just reading through this and whoever wrote that marijuana will ruin your life etc simply needs to realize the therapeutic effects of the substance ThC inside the herb. I wouldn't advise obtaining marijuana if you do not typically smoke it, however, the person is right, its used all over the world to alleviate aches and pains and does not create a massive addiction to drugs in general. That may be the most ignorant statement i've read on this site.

A doctor

ThC is a beneficial chemical. That being said, partly due to the fact that maryjane is a black market drug, we have been growing varieties of the herb with more ThC. Pot 20 years ago was nowhere near as potent as pot today. Marijuana today can potentially become addictive, but, it is still HIGHLY unlikely. Weed, if you can get a hold of it, can be a great stomach relaxant. So says me.


I'm actually quite certain that after trying this once you wont become a drug addict. That's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

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