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800 mg of Ibuprofen and at least 3 cups of strong caffinated coffee....

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replace coffee with no-doz or other caffeine pill (200 mg)


caffeine is awful for migraines.

Kelly M

Caffeine is great for migraines. Coffee isn't. But caffeine helps to dialate (open up) the blood vessels to lessen the pressure.


You have to be careful with caffine when it comes to migraines. At the very onset, it may help, but after that it may only worsen your headache. It has to do with the contracting and expanding of the blood vessels in the brain. Also - I know very well about the 800mg dose of an nsaid - and STRONGLY discourage it!! I started having migraines when I was 12, I'm 37 now and have stage II chronic kidney disease from taking NSAIDS! I can never take another pill again - and still have migraines!

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