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I've suffered from mucus and chest congestion since I was probably 7 or 8 years old and believe me nothing is scarier! I was on inhalers for a while because the doctors thought it was allergies or asthma but for some reason they took me off...anyways A friend of mine suggested: COFFEE! Coffee just loosens it all up and helps it come out in a vast amount pretty much freeing up your day!
Take this from someone who has mucus issues no matter what the time of year may be...whether I'm sick or not its always there! And coffee helps!:)
Also...stay away from peanut butter...chocolate...milk...soft bread...and bad water ( I try to drink really pure filterd water or WELL WATER!).
Taking a hot shower also helps and remaining calm is never a bad thing.

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Try to have a Eucalyptus tea and drink it while warm 4x a day..really helps


Just to Clarify - to the person who recommended gargling with vinegar water - You didn't say if you were supposed to hold it in your mouth or spit it out after gargling - I held it in and it went up my nose and burned! EEKS - So I'm gathering that you're supposed to spit it out and then bend and hang upside down??

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