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I've suffered from mucus and chest congestion since I was probably 7 or 8 years old and believe me nothing is scarier! I was on inhalers for a while because the doctors thought it was allergies or asthma but for some reason they took me off...anyways A friend of mine suggested: COFFEE! Coffee just loosens it all up and helps it come out in a vast amount pretty much freeing up your day!
Take this from someone who has mucus issues no matter what the time of year may be...whether I'm sick or not its always there! And coffee helps!:)
Also...stay away from peanut butter...chocolate...milk...soft bread...and bad water ( I try to drink really pure filterd water or WELL WATER!).
Taking a hot shower also helps and remaining calm is never a bad thing.

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Though coffee might be helpful for a quick remedy, it's not something I would suggest--caffeine is something you should avoid when stuffed up. The mucus in your head can only come out when it is loosened up, which can be done by drinking lots of fluids. Coffee, however, will dehydrate you, making the mucus even thicker and less likely to come out. Coffee and caffeinated drinks should reeeeally be avoided if you're serious about recovering fast.


You should always drink lots of water a day and a little salt.It is very effective to those who suffer in asthma and other health related problems.Please search for water cure by Dr. Batman it helped me to remove my asthma.When you are dehydrated your body produces histamine who produces the body from some pain,so drink lots of water to overcome the histamine,sorry for my english.'Dont treat thirst with medication'.


Wow, I was wondering what I should take for this awful tightening feeling full of gunk (mucus). I am so amazed that I'm not alone. Reading this alone, is already making me feel better. I am really not alone with this mucus continually happening every season. I have been diagnosed with asthma but not bad. I have environmental allergy...tho that is what my allergist tells me. My specialist throat Dr. In Boston MA tells me I need a control inhaler twice a day and if needed an emergency inhaler. I have been doing this for about 8 months now. I went back to the Specialist, I complained again and again that I am congested and have so much fluid in my chest. (mucus) buildup! But it seems like they don't listen it care. So now I'm going to the real people here to find out if (drinking coffee) or hot water with a tablespoon of honey and tablespoon of pure lemon juice or gargle the hot water with salt and honey and lemon. I thank everyone here for there suggestions and home remedy! If it works, I will comment here again! Thanks again

Tonia Moffitt

I drink coffee every morning, about 3 - 4 cups & it has not helped me. Does creamer & sugar have anything to do with it? I see that it has helped alot of ppl in comments.


This is the most hilarious thing I ever heard. Drink coffee every day even sick, I still didn't feel any help at all. Worst, now the phlegm stuck in my chest like pulling my lung together as if I could get an heard attack anytime soon.

BAD advice. Ill info.


Coffee is a natural bronchodilator


ok so I have been suffering with allergies, asthma, post nasal drip, for years. I has surgery for my sinuses. still I constantly have chest congestion and nasal congestion. my doctors have had me on allergy, asthma, and acid reflux meds. for a while now. nothing has been working well enough, I too am always coughing and clearing my throat and it's miserable! I always check natural remedy sites but when I came to this one and read your post it was like I wrote it about what I was going through! I am trying the coffee now and for those of you who truly know what SUFFERING with chest cong. is then you know weather this remedy works or not, it's worth a try!


oh and also for anyone suffering with long term congestion and post nasal drip a little tip or 2. acid reflux med. can help! when you have acid reflux the mucus goes neither up nor down it just sits in your throat, chest, etc. so you might want to try Prilosec or any acid reflux med. not antacid acid reflux med. also do not eat at least 3hrs before bed! if you do the acid reflux will be worse when you lay down and it just sits there!


Coffee and some liqueur will clear the mucus out but staying warm is necessary. Avoid milk, creamer, and all dairy.


i wish a hada known coffee was a cure years ago. im a tea drinker white 1 sugar it just aggrevates it. black coffee is the bomb for mucus coughs thanks a million i and my house can now sleep.

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