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I've suffered from mucus and chest congestion since I was probably 7 or 8 years old and believe me nothing is scarier! I was on inhalers for a while because the doctors thought it was allergies or asthma but for some reason they took me off...anyways A friend of mine suggested: COFFEE! Coffee just loosens it all up and helps it come out in a vast amount pretty much freeing up your day!
Take this from someone who has mucus issues no matter what the time of year may be...whether I'm sick or not its always there! And coffee helps!:)
Also...stay away from peanut butter...chocolate...milk...soft bread...and bad water ( I try to drink really pure filterd water or WELL WATER!).
Taking a hot shower also helps and remaining calm is never a bad thing.

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Coffee seemed to have helped my 13 year old son with loosening of mucus. He does not like the taste of coffee since it is the first time he has drank it.


Forgot to mention. Thanks!!!


how much coffee though?....
instant, ground?


Hilarious, i ate peanut butter for the past 2 days and milk. Perhaps this is why its so bad right now..


I ate chocolate befor I went to bed, and now a bad case of mucus build up.


The whole no dairy/chocolate thing is definately good to know! I've been having a real problem the last day or so with this and i ate some chocolate and quite a bit of dairy... it all came up! going to go try this coffee thing now. THANKS!


I always drink coffee when I have a cough attack but I add creamer and sugar for taste. Does the creamer in the coffee count as dairy? I never thought about that. And what does bread do?


Any comments on tea for effectiveness?

Clarissa M

Wow this must be fate that I read this. I'm suffering from mucus right now and what's in my hand? A cup of coffee.. I'm seriously starting to feel it break up.. Oh and asthma has got to be worse than congestion and mucus.. I've been a severe asthmatic since I was 7 and I'm 29 now.. trust me, it sucks trying to gasp for air.. Thanks for the remedy!


@Chris--My personal choice is chai tea. Has a wonderful scent to open the sinuses, a little spice to soothe the throat, and as long as you don't get decaf, it will have the same effect (don't sweeten it either, if you do, use honey). The caffeine in the coffee is what does the trick, so tea is just as effective.

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