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hickey fix

grab your lipstick (with the cover in place) place the top in the middle of the hickey and twist lighty aproximately 30 sec. this will disperse the blood in the area and then follow with ice applied to the area about 5 minutes

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jajaja well this is one of the best ways to do it ... who ever came up with this well thanks alot you just saved my ass jajajaja...


it actually works!!


This works really well!


this worksss :) thank god- amazingg fades it right awayy


This worked for me. Being male I didn't have lipstick, but I used a Sharpie Pen. I'm not sure if the lipstick case/Sharpie is doing anything, but the ice certainly is. I took a large ice cube and slowly rubbed it on the hickey for 5 minutes. After the redness from the ice went away, it really looked much better.


Did it for thirty mins. Mine was super dark on my check. Can barely see it now thannnnkkkk goodness. It works lifesaver!


use a D battery if you don't have lip stick kiddo :)


I didnt have lipstick but I used an electric tooth brush and I only have a small barely noticeable mark left you really saved my tush thanks


holy shit i was scared my girl friend would of killed me..this saved my life..playa playa :)


best advice ever!!!! just got a super hickey off in minutes!!!! thanks

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