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If you happen to find a baby bird or birds without their mother what do you do? Well if they are covered in feathers then you should probably do nothing. Observe them from a distance and wait to see if their mother comes for them. But if they are bald or have pin feathers(look like pins sticking out of the birds skin) then you may have to care for them. You should always try to contact a wildlife agency to come and get the bird or birds, but if you have NO OTHER OPTION then hopefully my information will help you to care for the birds ONLY UNTIL THEY CAN FLY AND BE RETURNED TO THEIR NATURAL HABBITAT!
OK, first get the birds into a warm dry , and clean place. A cardboard box with some sort of liner will work fine. If you feel like they will be more comforable you can even make a nest out of a bowl with a old washcloth in it or toilet paper works great too. The bird or birds will eat ALOT also so feeding them if ver imporant also. NEVER feed a baby bird bread or insects....that includes earthworms. Either give them canned dog food of you can take dry dog food and soak it in warm water. Then makevery small bites, about the size of a pea, and put them into thier mouthes when they open them. They will cry to be fed. And should respond very willing to eat. NEVER GIVE THEM WATER!! Giving them water will kill them. They are getting all of their water in with their food. Make sure that their home is kept very clean. Bacteria in their feces will make them sick, and it stinks too. When your birds are covered in feathers and their eyes are opened start taking them outside, and try to get them to fly. You will have to work with them, but it will all be rewarding to see them fly away, knowing that you saved their lives! I hope this helps someone! I am currently raising three chimney swifts, I got them out of my fireplace after their nest fell through the chimney. The were completely bald with their eyes closed, and I have now raised them for three weeks and they are all diong well. We go outside for a little while each day where they try to fly (but dont get too far yet) and play in the grass. They are fun, but it SO MUCH WORK!!! I will miss them, but will be glad when they return to the woods!

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