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people on here seem to say not to use oil, But i use butter and that works great for me. when you get a sun burn your skin is dehydrated. So it needs a fat that quenches the skin. I think when your sunburnt its the worst time to put anything on your skin that has chemicals in it. Would anyone put preparation H on an open wound?

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why would anyone NEED to put preperation H on an open wound? preperation H is used to treat hemorrhoids because of its shrinking effect on blood vessels. so in theory it should work on sunburn as well. butter contains oil, would you want to put something on your skin that you fry food in? seems like doing just the opposite. butter does not QUENCH the skin. if anything it blocks the moisture from getting in.


Don't use butter or fat, ever. Unless you plan on locking in the heat and making a burn worse (and if you do, be my guest)use something non-oily.

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