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over the counter diaper creams have never worked well for my son. Corn starch helped most of the time. the thing i found that works the best is Lansinoh Breastfeeding Ointment. it is expensive, but it works overnight and every time. Ihad some left over from when i was breastfeeding. it occured to me that it healed mevery quickly so it might work on him too. it sticks and stays put well. the easist way to apply it is to warm the bottle in your hand or in hot water to make it melt a little and easier to spread.
it works like a charm!

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This really does work good :)


It really does work!!


I will most def try this. Its sucha good idea!


would of never thought about that


i have the first years nipple butter its lanolin free... would it still work??? worth trying?? my 8 month old is starting to get blisters from her rash

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