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Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Gently massage on face (or wherever you get blackheads). Rinse. Follow with a light moisturizer. You won't even believe how soft and clean your skin will be. I use it as a whole body exfoliater instead of the chemical-filled garbage that you find at the store.

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At first it burned my face but then I put some moisturizing lotion one and it feels FINE(:


I have had blackheads on my nose since I was 10 years old !Have never been able to get rid of them ! I am about to try this and will come back in 2 weeks & post to say how it worked for me . Also my skin is sensitive , but I use honey as a moisturizer & it work wonders without making more blackhead or pimples ! ( Vaseline works to if you put it on before bed & does not give pimples as well) FYI you can make a sugar scrub for skin as well with honey & sugar also a wonderful thing to do for your whole body from arms, legs ,feet extra is to mix brown sugar and olive oil put whatever you want for a wonderful smell ginger ,lemon perfume ext, or nothing and it works like the $20-45 sugar scrubs ! Ty, be back in 2 weeks ...


I don't recomend this, I don't understand what in this mixture is even supposed to help your skin. All it did for me was turn the areas I used it on, bright red. It gave no positive benefits.


To the question regarding what the ingredients are supposed to do: baking soda is slightly 'basic' (i.e. opposite of acidic) when dissolved in water. so it gets rid of acidity - it is part of edible antacids for example. it is a strong surfacant and dissolves fats and grease very easily. so if you have sensitive skin you can mix the oatmeal in as suggested, or rinse it off very well with cool water and then apply a mild neatralizer

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This left burn marks on my face!!!!!!


i tried it but it didnt help with blackheads it just made my skin feel soft.


This stuff works great people told me baking powder works the same so i tried it, in just one day i saw fewer blackheads and mt skin is softer


oh my gosh i just tried it and even after one time i can see and feel a HUGE differance!!!!!!! thank u soooo much!!!!


I used this

Method on my face.mAde skin very soft and feels much cleaner

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