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Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Gently massage on face (or wherever you get blackheads). Rinse. Follow with a light moisturizer. You won't even believe how soft and clean your skin will be. I use it as a whole body exfoliater instead of the chemical-filled garbage that you find at the store.

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im trying it ill tell you my report in a couple of days


I am going to try it. I hope it works because i have blackheads on my nose area. It isn't good because it doesn't cover up. But i am going to try the baking soda thing and i hope it turns out OKAY!


Makes my face soft. But didn't remove all of my blackheads :p


I did this for years and had beautiful skin...only caution iz not to leave on your face too long if u have sensitive skin..could make your skin temporariliy pink..but will subside.. just clean and rinse immediately. Do not leave on like a mask..I think I'm going to go wash my face


I used it and it helped blackheads a little bit since I had some on my nose, but some parts of my skin felt really irritated afterwards.


The next day my skin did feel really soft. But after I put it and rinsed it off my skin, my skin felt SO irritated, like it was on fire.


Anyone who does this should also try putting some oats in with the baking soda and water.


I think I am going to try this and use aloe vera as a cream... I will post my results in 2 weeks and tell you how it works. I hope it doesnt hurt too back because I am a person with very sensitive skin.


I just tried this. it mad my face feel as if it was sun burnt but after made it verry soft and smoothe


if your skin feels burnt after using this then the acidity in the powder is too strong for your skin, so leave it on for less time, or add more water to dilute the paste more. also follow up with a moisterizer like ponds...make sure its noncomedogenic too! if it still seems to irritate ur skin, use a mix of sugar and water, but use it fast because it will dissolve quickly, then soap and rinse...your skin will be sweetly soft. lol

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