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I am from Ireland and I now live in Florida. Needless to say my fair skin was like a feast for mosquito bites, ants and a new and completely unknown to me, chiggers. I had some on my feet and every time I would go to bed I would wake up with more until my feet were covered in bites. I tried Icing them which gave temporary relief, benadryl, Aloe ointment, everything and I have found the best one is wash the infected area with hot water and soap and immediately afterward put Lysterine Mouthwash on the infected areas. It hasbenzoic acid as well as an alcohol water solution in it so it basically has the same ingredients as Chiggerex and preety much everybody has mouthwash in the house. Immediate relief from itching.

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Thanks for your advice. I'm going to try that on my son. :)


Tried everything I could find on relieving itchy chigger bites...used a washcloth to apply listerine cool mint all over my body. I'm now in itch-free heaven. The alcohol in the listerine stung a bit and I am slightly sticky (not too sticky though) but I haven't itched in HOURS!!! Thanks for the advice!


Just applied an ample amount of listerine, god I hope your right about this!!


I was covered with chiggers over my feet, ankles and legs. I had to try something and immediately went out to Walgreens to purchase the industrial size Listerine. I never woulda believed it, but it worked!!!! Great home remedy for chiggers that I will pass on to all of my outdoorsy friends.



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