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hi i use to get bad blackheads below my bottom lip and around my nose and i used whichhazel and stuff really worked and i tryd this clearasil wipes and zapzyt cream that stuff really works cuz id have no more if u dnt beleive me comment me

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what is whichazel is it like cream or power.


how long did you use the witchhazel for and how long was it before you saw results? I have black heads on my upper lip and nose and cant get rid of them I tried to put a more then warm rag on my face then scrub and then put a clearasil blackhead scrub and its not working..


witch hazel is a liquid.


where do you get that at??? witch hazel i mean.... i've never heard of it.

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witch hazel is an astringent. you can get it at any drug or discount store in the same area as the alcohol or peroxide around where the first aid supplies are. the more famous brand is Dickenson's.


you can find witch hazel astringent at a healthfood store.


Witch hazel is wonderful for open sores, less slimy than neosporin. I've never heard of it for blackheads. I'll have to give it a shot.


Hi! i have blackheads in that same area! But i have used everything and nothing!!!! Help please! :)

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