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I use degree deodorant. I put it under my armpits and between my toes where they stink. Works. What can I say.

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thats sooo random


hahaha you use the same deodarant that you use for your armpits on your feet? sure they don't smell worse?


Thats um..... very strange, But if it works then i guess sometimes we have to do the weird to get what we want!!


Deodorant is usually an anti perspirant , its best to avoid putting it anywhere else on your body , when you apply deodorant you are stopping your pores from sweating. Sweating is a way for your skin to breath. (e.g. if you cover your skin in deodorant you are suffocating your body) It's super unhealthy to use deodorant as the aluminum ingredient which is the active ingrediant , also is known to cause breast cancer and alzheimer.


You're just covering up the smell. That's not fixing your problem. Wouldn't it be easier to fix the problem? You would save a lot of deodorant.

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