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This might sound a little gross, but masturbation works the best after taking some Midol. Preferably not with your hand, a vibrating back massage will do the trick. It works like a charm and will definitely relax you enough to put you to sleep.

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Master Bates

We are NOT masturbating !!!
We are ummm.. releiving cramps!


I think it's great and strange how my body feels the need for that when I'm menstruating.Take it in the shower. Ladies just use a quick hand at the top, no mess no fuss, and a great ending! Hope that was gross enough! But true!


for the girl that bleeding too much - clitoral stimulation works just as well. if you use a tampon then stimulate your clitoris, you'll be in the clear. then take a nap :)


i do this one as well.just using a vibrator on the top is quick and easy,and its not the fact it feels takes ur mind off the pain and is really relaxing.and i never feel dirty after doing this its refreshing to be honest

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