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This might sound a little gross, but masturbation works the best after taking some Midol. Preferably not with your hand, a vibrating back massage will do the trick. It works like a charm and will definitely relax you enough to put you to sleep.

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Thats sick I dont think its ok for guys or girls to do it and you're bleeding anyway so how in the hell could you be comfortable doing that.


This method used to work really well for me, but the last couple of months it makes my cramps twice as worse when I orgasm.

Does anyone else experience this?

Teen Girl

This is a good idea. But for those of you who are not so keen on the masturbation idea, take the midol and find an alternative method to increase blood circulation. Any activity that increases your heart rate would work. If exercise is too painful try watching a scary movie.


Sometimes this makes it worse for me, I think because my cramps are so intense, that any extra tightening or stress on my muscles just adds to the pain. Orgasming might help but personally, getting there is too painful to be worth trying.


This also accelerates the bleeding process and in a way that you will feel a lot better when your period is over. Do it in the shower, it's great because you get to relax and you can easily take a nap. I recommend for you to take two Tylenol before you take the nap, though. Good luck! FYI: There's nothing wrong with doing this, ok? Please ignore the ignorant comments.


Worked wonders and I enjoyed it :o)


What great news! I thought maybe it was something that worked only for ME. If you're worried about getting messy because of the blood, try doing it while sitting on the toilet. If your hands are cold, you can first hold them under hot-but-not-scalding water. Maybe put a warm, damp washcloth across you most lower abs. Roll up 1 or 2 bath towels to put behind you to support your lower back - then you won't have to sit up straight - you can relax more. That shower idea is a tidy method also, and if you have a shower-massage on a hose, you can set it on 'pulsating' and spray warm water on your lower torso where you feel crampy. The heat/pulsating will help relax the constricted muscles, uterus, and connective tissues that are causing you discomfort. I know this because (a)I'm a licensed massage therapist and (b)I have tried it on myself.


Well, I'm sure someone is bound to think this is gross too, but it works. Just like the effectiveness of the masturbation or vibrator...if you are fortunate to have a loving man who isn't grossed out by your period, then having sex with him may relieve your cramps. I mean regular ol' missionary position sex (or whatever position that allows you the most relaxation). The penetration provides massage about as close as you can get to the parts of you that are cramping. He needs to let YOU determine the intensity of the sex - being too rough or thrusting too hard could have the wrong effect. He also doesn't need to be in a hurry to reach his own orgasm. This should be about helping YOU feel better. You might want to put a dark colored towel under you and have some damp cloths within arm's reach for cleanup afterward. I hope that wasn't too graphic for anyone.


I agree with this last post. Me and my husdand have sex during my period all the time and I don't have cramps at all anymore although before I used to have severe cramps. So this does work for me, but you have to feel comfortable doing it or it will not relax you at all. You'll be surprised what men will do to get their own pleasure!


This is not gross, at all. Sex and masturbation are lovely, natural ways to relieve menstrual cramps. When a woman has an orgasm, her uterus contracts in a way that helps ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

Semen has prostaglandins in it, which may cause uterine cramping, so keep that in mind :)

Either way, love it up!

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