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This might sound a little gross, but masturbation works the best after taking some Midol. Preferably not with your hand, a vibrating back massage will do the trick. It works like a charm and will definitely relax you enough to put you to sleep.

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Nice lmao!!!


this is very true ;)


I would agree! very relaxing!


this is totally true.... ladies this really works... it might sound gross, but this works even better than meds......instant relief!!!


you call us all sickos as if you have never masturbated. you would in fact be the sicko if you have never got yourself off!


sometimes i am bleeding to bad to even do that though!!!! an suggestions on that?


totally true. and masturbation is not gross. why is it ok for guys to do but girls are gross when they do it?

Peter Puller

This is really a great way to ease cramps, get to sleep but also circulation increase and stress relief. This also helps you to learn more about your body as well. I use this method almost daily.


absolutely women shud be just as fee to masturbate and should accept and own our sexuality and stop letting ourselves be oppressed. we shud be more open with eachother the way men are. but this is very tru it helps alot, i suggest a vibrator


masturbation is a form of exercise, and exercise is known to relieve period cramps, that's probably why this works.

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