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I just had my first boil. It's the most painful thing I think I've ever experienced. Last night I dipped a washcloth in hot water with epsom salt to relieve some of the pain. I did this multiple times for 15 minutes or so. Then, based on recommendations of people on these types of sites, I applied a generous amount of an ointment called Campho Phenique directly to the boil before covering the boil with a large, waterproof bandaid. The boil felt instantly better after applying the Campho Phenique. I left the bandaid on overnight. I woke up this morning, and, sure enough, the boil had drained, just like many people said it would. Thank goodness! Now I am just continuously cleaning the skin around the boil with Dial antibacterial soap and reapplying bandages. But the pain is now minor compared to how it was. I don't know if the boil was just ready to come to a head...but I truly think the Campho Phenique helped tremendously. If you go to a drugstore to find Campho Phenique, look in the cold sore section. And thank you to everyone who recommended this treatment! You were right on!

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I suggested the campho. Its works great doesnt it!!


Gonna try campho tonite! Pharmacy was closed so i could not get the black cream

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