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Mike (Mountain Hopper) H.

If you know you have many chigger bites, or suspect you may have many chigger bites, when you get back to the house, fill the bath tub with warm water, add about one-half to one cup of bleach, and soak in the bath for about five minutes (don't put bleach water on face or hair); after soaking for five minutes, shower and wash with soap. Don't bother with the bleach bath a day later - it won't help then. Just take the hot shower. Don't repeat baths with bleach - it won't help. Some 'bravo' men I know rub undiluted bleach onto bare skin. I don't recommend undiluted bleach on skin.

Afterwards, if the bites itch, it takes a lot of discipline, but do not scratch. This makes it much worse, and makes the itch last much longer. If you scratch, you may be looking at discomformt for a week or more. If you don't believe me, pick out one bite that you don't scratch; you will see it is the one where the discomfort eases the fastest.

Since children (and some adults) can not resist scratching, read all the other treatments listed, but be careful not to try those that suggest products that may be harmful to the skin. Many of the treatments don't actually help, they just 'mask' the itch to where you don't think you feel the itch anymore. You can use 'CALAMINE LOTION' or similar topical lotions. For children, giving 'BENADRYL' (at the dose recommended on the package) helps, especially before bedtime.

As far as prevention, if wearing shorts, a simple application of 'OFF' is effective for the legs and ankles. If wearing pants, the most effective is 'PERMANONE', but this must only be applied to clothes (never to the skin!) and must allowed to dry. I spray my pants the night before and let them air dry.

I base this approach on many trips into the woods near Mountain View, Arkansas, and, yes, I did suffer many times before arriving at this approach.

I wish you well.

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