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Wichita, KS

I was reading yesterday 7-15-08 about using ACV to get rid of plantar warts and I used it lastnight and I can already tell difference today 7-16-08. I can't believe it really is working. I put ACV on cotton ball and taped it to each foot with duct tape and today on my left foot the hard spot that hurt is white and puffy and I can see the black dot in center. I'm using it again this evening and my feet are not sore when walking around. I surely am impressed and it really seems to be working for me. I would suggest to anyone else to try it. So glad I found this web site with the helpful information.

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i have had 3 plantar warts on my right foot for like 5 yrs. and have been very embarassed of them! i've feared recently to get rid of them i would have to go to the doctors and do the painful procedures of needles cutting them out and etc. but i looked on this website and saw all the people happy about tha apple cider vinegar and now feel blessed and am so happy to have found something that seems to work besides the painful treatments!!!!! thankyou everyone i'm going to the store to get my acv today and try it! pray for me!

John B.

Okay - here's my experience so far after reading all the threads here. I've had 2 planter's warts on the heel of my left food for probably about 3 years! I have been to my doctor 3-4 times where he has frozen them but it has never worked. I went to a podiatrist who gave me a roll-on of formaldehyde to apply. I've tried the over-the-counter freeze-away, salicylic acid, duct-tape alone and the medicated discs. I have been living with this for awhile and scrape area every morning with a callous remover and then apply either the formaldehyde or the salicylic acid. I can scrape away the majority of the 2 warts so they are not that visible but to my horror, a massage therapist said something while working on my foot a few weeks ago! I had enough and wasn't going to go back to my doctor, podiatrist, etc. so I looked up this home remedy blog. I started with the apple cider vinegar 1 week ago. The first time I applied it, I cut sterile gauze and dipped in the ACV, applied and taped over my heel with packing tape. I then covered with a sock. The next morning, I was surprised to see that the warts were actually darker - I could see more of the black roots coming to the surface so I knew this must be a result of the treatment. I have continued this daily (every morning after a shower) and then at night before bed. I was starting to get impatient last night, so I soaked my foot in a bowl of ACV while watching a movie. I then applied the gauze/ACV and tape again - I did use duct tape and find it has a better, longer-lasting hold. Perhaps because of the hour and a half long soak in the ACV, it was a bumpy night - my heel was very sore and I could barely walk on it in the morning, but the warts were again darker (the roots) so I was hoping this is what I want to happen? I soaked my foot in warm water and then noticed that the warts did seem to be closer to the surface. Before, the skin around the wart was rather puffy - I assume from the ACV covering that area. I then decided it was probably okay to try to work on the warts so I tried a few different tools and the best was a large file that was given to me by a manicurist - it's like a large emery board - black sand-paper on each side... this worked! This actually started to scrape off the raised area of the roots and it wasn't as sore or painful as I thought it would be. I did this for about 10 minutes and the 2 smaller warts that had recently appeared are barely visible. The 2 larger ones are still deep but I'm hoping that my continued treatment will bring them further to the surface. As I said before, this has been just 1 week of treatment...I'm really hoping 1 more week will do it. Any further advice would be appreciated and I thank all of you for sharing your stories and advice - I really have a lot of hope that this will be the method that will finally get rid of this horrible condition I've been living with.

John B.

It's been about a week and I've really seen a difference - the 2 smaller ones are basically gone but the 2 larger warts are black and extremely sore - It was difficult to walk all day and I just took some aspirin and am drinking tequila because my foot is so incredibly sore. Is this normal? I'm trying to endure the pain in hopes it's part of the treatment but it really is agonizing! I don't know if I should continue the nightly and daily ACV and tape or if this is a sign they are dead and need to just heal and come off - any advice???

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