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Wichita, KS

I was reading yesterday 7-15-08 about using ACV to get rid of plantar warts and I used it lastnight and I can already tell difference today 7-16-08. I can't believe it really is working. I put ACV on cotton ball and taped it to each foot with duct tape and today on my left foot the hard spot that hurt is white and puffy and I can see the black dot in center. I'm using it again this evening and my feet are not sore when walking around. I surely am impressed and it really seems to be working for me. I would suggest to anyone else to try it. So glad I found this web site with the helpful information.

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ive had planter warts on my left foot for about 2 years now and apparently my immune system isnt strong to fight them off on its own. ive tried going to the doc for freezing and burning off the wart. acid. duct tape. nothing works. im going to give this acv thing a try. i started with two big warts then over the past 10 months ive gotten 10 more. sucks big time


Amazing!!! I never would have believed after trying so many things and suffering so long. I have had a mosaic wart on the bottom of my foot for years - dr. tried freezing it off, lazering, fluorouracil and I tried every over-the-counter. Tired of doctors that I felt never believed the wart caused pain.
I duct- taped a cotton ball with ACV to my foot every night for one week. During the day I left just duct tape alone on the area. It did burn quite a lot that first week. On the 7th day I let it 'dry out' for 24 hours and used a disposable emery board to file the area down - I wanted something more gentle. It was like the ACV brought everything to the surface and killed it. After that I had no pain. That was the best part - walking and feeling no pain. I continued the same process for 1 more week. The wart is gone. My foot looks practically normal. I don't know if it will come return but now I have a quick remedy.

The aroma of the ACV is not super pleasant so that would be the one downside.

I am THRILLED to find this site and thank you to whomever posted the cure first. My husband thanks you to because I no longer complain about my PW.


Found this site about a month ago in researching how to get rid of plantar warts. My son had two on his toe and ball of his foot. I'd tried duct tape and compound W to no effect.
Well I want to report that Apple cider vinegar worked wonders. I simply bought a gallon at the grocery store and had him soak his foot in it for 20 minutes a night. Just pour a small amount in a big bowl, and let his sit there in the bathroom with a book or his Nintendo. The results were apparent early on, and within a couple of weeks, his warts were entirely gone! Seriously, this remedy REALLY works. All for the price of a gallon of ACV. Thanks for this site!


I am trying it now as i have had three pw ( to on one foot and one on the other)

i hope it works i work on my feet all night and its painful


What is ACV and where do you get it???


Thanks! I sure hope this works for ME! I have been to 2 different doctors, i had it cut out once, but it immediatley came right back. Im going to try this apple cider vinegar thing as soon as I get home this evening.. I will let you know how it turns out!!

Thanks again!


I have one massive plantar wart on my right foot, right in the middle of the heal. It's not that painful but more annoying than anything else. I have a small cluster on the same footjust before my toes on the side of my foot, on the outside area. I have also tried everything. My doctor also gave me needles, dug out the warts and then put some ointment insied which also didn't work. After constant picking ogf the wart with my thumb, I then got a wart on my thumb just under the finger nail on the tip. Now that one is annoying! I have read all your posts and just went out and bought 2 litres of ACV. I will soak my feet every night for 20 mins and then try soaking a cotton ball and taping it to my feet over night every night also. God I hope it works. I'll let you know how I go.


So last night I soaked my foot in ACV for 20 mins and the same for my thumb. Then before bed I cotton balled and duct taped both my foot and thumb for the night session. It was a fairly uncomfortable sleep. I had to take my finger tape off after about 3 hours because it was fairly sore and irritated. In the morning I took off the tape from my foot and the warts were totally swollen, I'm guessing it's because the soaked up all the ACV. One wart has a vert small black spot (the wart near my toe). The wart on my thumb has 3 small black spots and is very sore. My foot ones are not sore. I'll repeat the same excersise tonight and see what the results are tomorrow.


I have one plantar wart, about pencil eraser size on my heel. It hasn't really bothered me, it's just ugly. I've had it for at least 2 years, I did try freezing it off (home freezing kit) but that didn't do anything. I put a cottonball with Apple Cider Vinegar on it last night, taped some plastic around it with sports tape, it did hurt all night - could still sleep though. This morning my skin was all white and swollen around the wart (only around the wart) and hard as a rock. Wierd. Hopefully it will kill it.


so... night 2, soaked my thumb again for 20 mins and then attached the cotton ball and duct tape for 3 hours (couldn't do it again at night). This morning the black spots have more than doubled in size and the wart is quite sore. My feet had the same reaction as yesterday, all white, swollen and puffy, but this time in two of the warts some black dots have appeared but not on the biggest one yet.

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