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I am plauged with these things on almost a fortnightly basis. And they are the most paintful things you could possibly deal with.

I dont take painkillers so it makes things even worse. I know i should visit a dentist but ive left the two teeth which give me problems too long and i have no idea how they will remove them now (i dont want to think).

The best remedy for me seems to be drinking allot of water and having some extra multivitimans/vitiman 3 rich drinks like ribeana etc.

I usually continuesly swish water around my mouth and spit out the horrible taste, eventually draining the abcess. Id love to try some of these home remedeys other people have suggested but i dont have access to them kind of products in the village i live in.

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Well, I know I can tell you what they will do to the teeth. If they are broken to the point where they can't grab it with the forceps (or whatever), they will literally pry it out and possibly cut the gum if they need to. Not pleasant at all even with novocaine and nitrous oxide.

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