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RAW- new feet

Planters warts had gotten so bad I would set down and cry. I was hardly able to go to work or stand on them. I used pads/foam/wart medicine, etc from pharmacist and nothing worked, they continued to grow on my left foot on the bottom and the side. This went on for months and I went to a dermatologist, and had them cut off and got a acid salve to use that ate up the skin around them and never got rid of them. They suggested cutting or lasering them out, but they can return. They sent me to a dermatologist and he wanted to inject something in my foot that would hurt bad. I got fed up and went looking for natural remedies and thank God through prayer and this site my foot don't hurt anymore and less than a week later I see site is healing well. Formula is a combination of what I found on this site. 1 gallon of white Apple sider vinegar, a container to soak in, key limes in a bag, gauze pads and cotton balls and stretch tape in sports department. I put a gallon of white vinegar in a square tub and soaked both feet for 40 minutes and let it air dry, then before bed I rubbed the bottom of my feet with juice from a key lime and soaked cotton balls and put them on the places covered by gauze and the skin tape. take it off in the morning and just put a self stick gauze pad or large bandaid to cover the area. Even by the next morning I felt some relief and so I reapeated the keylime juice/vinegar cotton balls each night and on the third night I did the soaking again. By the next day I began to feel so much better as the pain was leaving my foot. I continued the keylime and cotton balls at night and removed them in the morning for the next week and now the pieces have just been falling off with baths and the foot is almost well. Keep up the night treatments with keylime/cotton ball till all is gone. I plan to write to both the Dr.s I saw and ask why they can't offer this pain free and cheaper way to their patients instead of all the suffering and pain they offer. For about 5 dollars in supplies I am so much the better because of finding your site and trying your remedies. Try it ...I promise it works.

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sometimes i actually cry to because it hurts when i walk and i cant take off my socks at peoples houses. I have 5 on my right foot, big toe.


What are on the cotton balls? Are they soaked with the lime juice? I am going to try this method as i am in alot of pain as well...Stuff from dr.s office seemed to make my one wart explode into a massive army of them!.Not to mention it was extremely painful and i had it done 5 or 6 times.My wart is now the size of a quarter.i just want to cry..


I have this huge mosaic wart on the pad of my right foot just under my toes. I have tried this the past two nights and this being the second morning since, and i am in a great amount of pain. I soaked the cotton in the vinegar and taped it to my foot. My foot hurts so bad i am in tears just to move my toes.I don't know what to do. Maybe ill try the lime juice on the cotton instead of vinegar? What sucks is im starting a new job today that will require me stand all day...poor me...i just want to sit and cry!


i noticed a small hard callus like spot on my right foot under my pinkie toe. i thought it was a callus because ive never had a wart before b ut my friend said it was a corn.corn?my mom said it was a planter wart.thats more like it.i was shocked because ive never had any type of is very painful when i touch it or step on it.ive had it for about 1 month.ive tried cutting it off w/a razor it came of so i thought i got it off but it grew back next getting desperate!i hate thjis wart at least it doesnt gonna try the apple cider remedy

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