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aNgel .

Im a young teenage girl and i got hives recently. I dont know what i got it from , i read in this natural cures book that a way to cure or relieve hives is by drinking 2-3 cups of nettle leaves and dandellion tea everyday . I've been drinking it everyday . Right after i drink the tea, my hives go away and i havent had an outbreak or anything eversince. Even those little bumpy marks from old hives outbreak are almost all gone! please, please dont scratch no matter how itchy as it may worsen and spread, scratching will also leave scars and tiny, dry bumps . Hope this helps in someway !

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thanks for the encouragement not to itch. I've been scratching compulsively... I can't believe how much I itch. I'll do all I can to stop now.


I've been looking into stinging nettle tea and it is nice to know that you have had success with it. It terms of not scratching though I'm afraid I'm way past worrying about the scars I would accept the scars I am surely going to get as long as I get permanent cure of this curse.

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