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I was desperately searching for a cure.
I tried almost everything.
1. clotrimazole.
2. tolnaftate cream and spray.
3. Apple cider Vinegar.
4. Witch Hazel.
5. Rubbing Alcohol.
6. Bleech.
7. Hydrogen Peroxide.
8. Tooth paste.
9. Salicylic acid.
10. Vicks.
11. Mouth wash.
12. Hand-sanitizer(alcohol)
13. Anti-bacterial liquid soap.
14. Icy hot

I tried all the above mentioned items, plus a combination of some of them together as a foot soaking agent.

The moment when i completely lost it, came when I saw a second ringworm right next to the original one. ARRRRRR

I poured a little less then half a cup of bleech, half cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of witch hazel, half cup of ACV, and then as soon as i poured half a cup of hydrogen peroxide I heard a whooshing sound and saw bubbles and some somke :-) grin, I thought to myself this would kill the fungus once for all. I then poured cold water, just enough so that I could soak my foot fully into the small plastic bucket.
I then rubbed the two ringworms with my fingers under the solution, and kept my foot under water for atleast 10 minutes. The skin peeled off from the ringworms, and the itching stopped. I went to class, and then after few hours, Itching came back.
I came home, and I was furious, at the drug agencies and the FDA for creating creams that only stop the growth of the ringworm instead of killing it. (thats how you make money).
I then took a small night lamp in my room, with .10 WATT bulb, and turned it on. Once the bulb got hot, I started cooking :-) It hurt really bad when I started to roll the bulb on the ringworms, but the feeling of killing that nasty bugger overcame my own pain. I really burned the suckers good, the skin turned red, and the bulb was covered in some sort of mildue. Ringworms started flaking, and I kept going, until I knew that the ringworms were dead and were now burning in hell. The itching had stopped.
It has been 3 or more hours since this experiment, and the itching had not returned.
The skin ofcourse was red due to minor skin burns, and may even leave a mark, but I will accept it open heartedly because it is just on my foot, and it will be just another battle scar to my body collection.

Arrrrrrggghhh 142nd Pirates for life.

(Do not tell me that it cannot be killed; if it is living, then I will find a way)

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You are aware ringworm is not an actual worm right?


Self-mutilation as a cure.... Arrrrrr you nuts?! (Made me laugh, though - a mdicine of its own!


I can't believe you got yelled at for that post. There are plenty of good remedies to try on here so it's not like some poor fool is going to think his only hope for relief is burning himself. I'm researching for my boyfriend (we're starting with the salt and vinegar) and I read your story out loud and he thought it was hilarious and said he's wanted to do what you did! It served as comic relief and nothing more :) we're big fans!!!


wow. you were at your limit. glad you found relief, although the chemical combo could have been dangerous. promise you won't do your own dentistry when you get a toothache.


OMG..I've never laughed in my life ever. Its been 20min that I read this post & the comments & am still laughing. I dont know if am gona try this but definitely is the best home remedy i;ve ever read


omg! That was so funny! You made my night lol :P


Thank you for the laughs....
I am hunting for a remedy of a serious skin problem and I did not expect to laugh so hard. This was a fantastic post!! God Bless you all, dear ones!!


This is a fantastic post! I didn't believe even for a moment that you had actually attempted this; until I read the I'm not so sure.=) One thing's for sure, I completely understand considering some off the wall $#!^ to end the agony of what I believe to be ringworm (& my first case of it) just above my knee! I'd do just about anything to keep it from turning severe like some of the photos I've seen online! YIKES!

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