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I was desperately searching for a cure.
I tried almost everything.
1. clotrimazole.
2. tolnaftate cream and spray.
3. Apple cider Vinegar.
4. Witch Hazel.
5. Rubbing Alcohol.
6. Bleech.
7. Hydrogen Peroxide.
8. Tooth paste.
9. Salicylic acid.
10. Vicks.
11. Mouth wash.
12. Hand-sanitizer(alcohol)
13. Anti-bacterial liquid soap.
14. Icy hot

I tried all the above mentioned items, plus a combination of some of them together as a foot soaking agent.

The moment when i completely lost it, came when I saw a second ringworm right next to the original one. ARRRRRR

I poured a little less then half a cup of bleech, half cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of witch hazel, half cup of ACV, and then as soon as i poured half a cup of hydrogen peroxide I heard a whooshing sound and saw bubbles and some somke :-) grin, I thought to myself this would kill the fungus once for all. I then poured cold water, just enough so that I could soak my foot fully into the small plastic bucket.
I then rubbed the two ringworms with my fingers under the solution, and kept my foot under water for atleast 10 minutes. The skin peeled off from the ringworms, and the itching stopped. I went to class, and then after few hours, Itching came back.
I came home, and I was furious, at the drug agencies and the FDA for creating creams that only stop the growth of the ringworm instead of killing it. (thats how you make money).
I then took a small night lamp in my room, with .10 WATT bulb, and turned it on. Once the bulb got hot, I started cooking :-) It hurt really bad when I started to roll the bulb on the ringworms, but the feeling of killing that nasty bugger overcame my own pain. I really burned the suckers good, the skin turned red, and the bulb was covered in some sort of mildue. Ringworms started flaking, and I kept going, until I knew that the ringworms were dead and were now burning in hell. The itching had stopped.
It has been 3 or more hours since this experiment, and the itching had not returned.
The skin ofcourse was red due to minor skin burns, and may even leave a mark, but I will accept it open heartedly because it is just on my foot, and it will be just another battle scar to my body collection.

Arrrrrrggghhh 142nd Pirates for life.

(Do not tell me that it cannot be killed; if it is living, then I will find a way)

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Wouldn't have been easier to just buy anti fungal cream. 3 lousy bucks. Geez. OVER THE COUNTER.


now that is what im talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Do not tell me that it cannot be killed; if it is living, then I will find a way' HAHAHAHAHAHAA burn the mothers!!!!!
i would definately try this except that this gay ass disease is all over....oh what the hell, next bon jumping in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yur a complete idiot. Ringworm is not a real WORM. It's a FUNGUS. Microscopic fungus--- NOT a worm! Geez, somebody needs to pull post before he causes somebody to hurt themselves with a scorching light bulb!!!


you are stupid what are you trying to do to yourself uyou could have done some damage to yourself


Funny,Stupid and It's about were I'm at! I've tried just about everything and Well...were I've got it, it rarely gets dry and if it takes drying it out im may get to the point of lunisey!


cmon people .10 watts of bulb? how much burn can you cause with only hurt for the time being i was rolling it on the ring worms,,,
it was like last year, and i don't even have a scar there.
don't be such a wuss, and the dumbass that said 'its not a real worm' i know it aint a worm u moron but it sill is a living organism. take some biology classes.


Dude your the man, Im pissed at this ring worm n
this made me laugh this is awsome
deff gona try it in like a week histericly


LMAO! i lovee it. yopu make me laugh! =)


have you tried nail polish , the clear on eand have you also tried garlic ?


well i am about to do the same thing to myself, but my 3 yr old has it to so im gonna try the tea tree oil method then the dandruff shampoo then the liquid bandaid method HOPEFULLY something works ahhhh!!but that smoke from the mixture of bleach w/that other stuff was toxic fumes and could hurt you way more than a fungus ever could dummy!!!!

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