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If you are clipping your dogs nails, and you have gone to far and hit a vein, to stop the bleeding either take the cooking seasoing ALUM and out the powder on the tip of nail, the bleeding will stop. If no Alum take a bar of soap, espeically the one in your shower and place nail in soap as if to clog the flow and the bleeding will stop almost idmediatly

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The best way to stop nail bleeding is with corn starch. Push it up into the nail where it is bleending and it will soon stop. Add more if it doesn't stop. Give it a feww minute's to dry before you put the dog on carpet.


Or dip your dogs toe in flour. One of our puppies was under the recliner and not knowing it, my hubby sat down in the recliner, and the puppys toe was bleeding so we dipped his toe into some flour & it stopped the bleeding. For now on everyone please check under your recliner before u sit down if you have small pets! We learned our lesson!


u can also pack the nail with baby powder or, if you wana be DIRT cheap... use dirt lol

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