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Boil milk for 1 minute. About 2 cups. Let cool. Drink all of it. It works.

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We are the only species that drinks milk past being an infant and our bodies weren't made to digest milk past that. Therefore milk is NOT good on a weak stomach.


Prior to being married I'd never heard of the boiled milk remedy. However, anymore, for the last 31-1/2 years, whenever I've had need for it, this remedy has *always* worked for me and my wife as well. Never tried just plain ol' cold milk out of the jug, but hey, that could also be 'just what the doctor ordered'.


Your a dummy! Your small intestine (where dairy products are digested) is very weak and irritable when battling with diarrhea. And I dont care whose doctor said what this is a horrible plan and science backs me up on that.


Stupid idiot doesn't have anything better to do. Some people actually take these forums seriously and for u to fool around with people's lives like this is sheer foolishness. Get a life.


Well, I guess we're all different, because boiled milk was a remedy my grandmother told me about and it has always worked for me. I suppose boiling the milk does something to it, or for your digestive tract, but it's worked on my kids and friends when they needed relief. t's been great to find something that works that doesn't require any medication.

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