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Boil milk for 1 minute. About 2 cups. Let cool. Drink all of it. It works.

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Oh yes, and hit yourself with the hammer on the head. That helps get your thoughts of diarrhea and crappy advice as the one above.


Actually, my bestfriend who has been a nurse for the last 15yrs said blend milk and bananas like a smoothie. My family doc said drink milk & eat bananas until you're full. I'd say that's sound advice, vs. the rude criticism given by the first commenter. Different things work for different people because everyone's bodies are different!


oh ya and jump from highest building! :s

Little Lori

Bananas YES!! Milk NO!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that milk is hard for the stomache to digest, any dairy product is. Therefore, milk is NOT something to drink if you have diarrhea.


Yeah this is sound advice for someone who has lactose intolerance and maybe doesn't know it... And as for bananas, they also give me diarrhea so no thanks.


If you don't like bananas, you could try something that tastes like homemade bread pudding. Place a slice of bread (I use white bread) in a shallow dish, boil a small amount of milk (enough to soak the bread) and pour over the bread. Sprinkle with sugar to taste, add cinnamon if you like. My 2-year-old son had diarrhea due to antibiotics for strep throat and was literally going through not only multiple diapers but also his pants all day for two days. Immodium isn't proven for children, so I did this (recommended by a physician) and it worked within an hour. NO JOKE. It's not hokey and if you're lactose intolerant, you should know it by the time you've gotten out of infancy.


And where did your friend the nurse get her information. From id like to know were this winner went to school MILK GIVE ME A BREAK ARE YOU TRYING TOO KILL THE POOR PERSON ALREADY SICK, REALLY!!!!


I would just like to comment on the negative comments being posted... I was a Doctor for 44 years, I have worked in the usa, canada, down under and the uk. My qualifications are good enough for most of the world. MILK can act for many people as a kind of float, on the surface level of stomach acid, this then in turn reduces the acidity, it also helps to (due to the calcium) reduce inflamtion of the lower intestine. It is this inflamation which reduces the amount of water being absorbed into the body. By reducing inflamation, you increase water absorbtion, reduce the symptoms. So these people having a shout at everyone else for giving advice shhhhhhh. (lactose intolerent people, should not use milk)


Just so you know not all people that can't have milk start off that way. I myself can't handle more then a small small glass of it. It has gotten worse over the years. I used to be able to drink normal milk as a baby and when I was younger. So not ever knows that's what causing it. I would say try the milk hints ( I know they do work for some people) and if it gets worse move on to something else. And don't flip out over people trying to help. You may be hateful people, but try to be decent god!


Milk makes it worse. You have to drink flat coke it works or mazina water

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