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Please stop saying eczema is incurable. That is disempowering and ridiculous. I was born with it, had a very severe case of it for many many years, and as long as I stay away from certain foods (dairy, sugar, wheat, corn products, white potatoes,eggs) my skin stays beautiful. I eat some of the things I am allergic to now that my system has gotten stronger, but only in moderation. When I first discovered I had food allergies, I stayed away from the offending foods for 2-3 years, and added hot yoga (Bikram)to my wellness regime. If i eat any of the foods I'm allergic to, I don't have that food for another 3 days to give my body a chance to get rid of the allergens. As all eczema sufferers know, when you get a flare-up, it takes forever for it to clear, so it's best to not get a flare up. Learn what your body can tolerate and what it cannot. By all means, stay away from brewers yeast!!

Here is my personal Rx: Plenty of water - at least 16 oz with a bit of lime/lemon juice first thing in the morning for internal cleansing, and 2 quarts throughout the day, plenty of fish, fresh veggies and olive oil, fresh green vegetable juice every day, a positive, loving state of being (very important)hot yoga (started my healing process). People who have skin problems are sensitive and special, and have to be more mindful than others, and if you're willing to do the work, the results will be wonderful. Best to you all....

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Eczema is incurable. It isn't disempowering to say it so, it's the truth. The reason you monitor your intake is because you still have it and are afraid of a flare-up. It is best for those of us who do suffer from eczema to try and help ourselves to deal with it as best we can and not have expectations of being 'cured'. Yes symptoms do often subside, many times for days, months and maybe years at a time, but it is still there and we should always care for ourselves as such.

I did not share this comment to invalidate what you have shared, but to try to help those of us who truly suffer to the reality of the matter while we search for remedies to better our lives.


thanks for the kick in the.... buddy, (to the guy who commented) wish me luck.


This is good advice. Every case is different, but a good diet, lots and lots of water, and stress reduction would benefit anyone with this disease.


BIKRAM Yoga is the best!

Eczema SOS!

This is a good remedy because I have tried all kinds of creams and they have not worked. However, after using Peroxide on the areas that were affected by the eczema (May burn a little the first 2 or 3 days after use), and applying either Vitamin E, Coco Butter, and/or Gold Bond Lotion with C210 and eating a good diet with lots of vegetables and water, you will see a dramatic difference!


If you have food allergies this might be useful, however I have had all of the allergy testing and have no allergies to food or anything I live with daily. I wish it were that easy. I have even tried cutting out foods that I thought might be causing the problems and that did nothing.
One thing I have been researching is not allergies but food intolerance and it appears that Gluten is a culprit to many. This is where I am going to experiment right now, but it will take a while so wish me luck.

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