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Dishwashing soap! I've tried EVERYTHING. And my dog was being eaten up, and I felt so helpless! Instead of using dog shampoo, I used a dishwashing soap and then I let the soap sit on him for about ten minutes. I used alot of soap, and worked it into a thick lather. (my dog is half neufie, so he has a TON of hair) and it worked! I just checked on him for the second time, and the fleas were ALL dead, except for one spot under his elbow that I missed. And you can tell he feels SO much better :O) He laid down and just put his paw on my chest like 'Hey Mom, that Worked!' lol

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Fleas don't like Garlic, give your dog/cat garlic in a pill or fresh clove in the food or in a hot dog (for dogs). Also, if you are having problems with parasites, such as worms; even heartworm treatment. Black Walnut, Woodworm, and Galic will do the trick. You can get these items at the Health Food Store.


I hear that garlic is toxic for your dog. If anyone is going to use garlic I would suggest you do some research or ask a vet.


All these recommendations to use dishwashing liquid (Dawn or other brands)or Pine Sol directly on your pet's skin -- this is dangerous! This stuff was not designed for use on animals. The surfactants in Dawn (or other brands)or the phenols in Pine-sol can tip an animal, cat or dog, into renal failure.


I have to agree this really works, add a little baking soda and your poochs hair will shine and look marvalous.. it helps for build ups and smells.. even works on us too.. try it .. you'll love it.Can add to your shampoo.


I use Dawn and it does work. It is fine for animals. Haven't you ever seen them getting the oil off the ducks and such in the ocean?

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