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Not for the fainthearted- Iodine- But instant.
I get it about always on the Scrotum sac or on the skin of the penile shaft and foreskin. I use decolorized tincture of Iodine. I use a small cotton dap and dip it in the Iodine. You let it soak up and quickly press it on the small blisters. If the blister is broken you will feel an almost intolerable flash of pain that dies off instantly almost as quick as it has started. Now keep the area open for a while till its dry. The blister will be gone within that day. If it requires a second treatment the next day it seems not to sting as bad as the first treatment. Occasionally, I get one under the foreskin, in t5hat case you let the cotton dap dry out as well and once dry place this over the blistered area and let the Foreskin roll back to keep it in place. I got this idea when I was in Hospital for knee replacement prosthesis. The medical staff scrubbed the whole leg in preparation and used Iodine to sterilise the whole leg. The doctor mentioned that there are no know bacteria or viruses that can survive in Iodine.
By the way after it is gone keep taking two garlic capsules a day for life. Once I stop it appears again.

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where can you get lodine?

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