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Ok this may not be for everyone but it certainly worked for me. I have been having problems with one tooth in particular, a molar, and it has abscessed three times now and well this last time I was in so much pain that I did something I did not think I could bring myself to do. First you can go and get a syringe from a Feed store they come in those plastic packs that people use to give their dogs shots. Take that syringe and feel where it is the softest yet pallable spot and possibly throbbing on the gum line next to the tooth, insert the needle and aspirate. You may have to do it more than once but you'll get rid of the infection and you'll get instant relief like I did. I had my abscess for five straight days of agony and was on Azythromycin and that stuff is awful and I couldn't complete the prescription. Now I'm medicating with Garlicin and Vitamin C. I hope this helps someone.

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Just wanted to say thank you! I've got a bad molar that has absessed on me on several occassions. I tried everything from mouthwash to clove oil with no relief. I came across ur suggestion of draining it with a syringe. So like u I went to the local feed store and bought a syringe. After 2 days of no sleep n barely being able to eat I felt complete relief in seconds of draining it. Thank you for posting ur suggestion.

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