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There's always a silver lining

I've had long hair down to my waist for 10 years now. Not to be conceited, but I HAD gorgeous, thick hair. My boyfriend's niece's daughter had lice, no one told us, and a week and a half later, I was itching. He checked my hair and lo and behold, I had the little buggers. I went straight to the store and bought RID. Didn't work. I went back and bought NIX. Nope. I did the hardest thing I ever had to do-cut my hair. Not just a trim- I had to cut it to my shoulders. I'm still crying as I type this. I guess I needed a change.. everyone does. But my hair... My long long hair is now gone thanks to an irresponsible mother who won't rid her kids of these homewrecking bugs. So, I came online and this was the first site that came up. I have to say THANK YOU to whoever thought of using Listerine & vinegar. My hair is gone, but so are the bugs and nits. My boyfriend just checked my hair and voila! They're gone! I'm just really upset about my hair. Sorry to vent lol. It's hard!!!

So,if you want to be rid of these things:

Douse hair with Listerine, (I used the off brand)
Wrap hair with a plastic bag(airtight) for 2 hours, then rinse.

Rinse hair thouroghly with vinegar, wrap airtight with a different grocery bag, or garbage bag, saran wrap-whatever.
Leave on for an hour.
Rinse hair, put alot of coconut conditioner (lice hate the smell apparently)
And the MAIN THING people need to be aware of is:

It only cost $6.99 at Walgreens, it's by the shampoo.

I ain't from France but excuse my French.. Those little nix and rid combs aren't worth shet.

Comb & comb & comb in the shower with mucho conditioner and bam - they're gone.

The moral of the story is:

It is not a shame to get lice, it is a shame to keep them & do nothing to get rid of them.

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if u have used Detol as a conditioner...den ur problem will be time if u had lices in ur hair den use detol as a conditioner....leave it for few mins then brush ur the end use nits comb.....all the lices will die and will be removed from ur hair...if u use nits comb
one more thing...try this for few weeks....

lili t.

i tried this on my daughters hair and it worked great!!!! she had a bad smell from the vinegar but it didnt seem to bother her. it went away in a couple of days! i was excited that we finally got rid of these things!

christy Ringswald

Thank you for the information cause i used it on my girls and it worked GREAT!!!! We have no more bugs. This home remedy is the best thing ever.


this stuff works exalant!!!! i used it and i got rid of the easy!! yea, it might make ur hair smells bad and all for a few days but its worth it


Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would work. After trying Nix, Rid, a store brand lice remover, and Fairy Tales, which is an all natural lice remover, I thought I had nothing to lose. I was ready to pull my hair out because I couldn't get rid of my daughter's little buggers. After removing the cap after the first 2 hrs. after applying the Listerine, I was amazed on how many lice were in the cap DEAD! I couldn't believe it, was this actually going to work. I found a couple more after the vinegar. Ever since I have done that my daughter's lice are gone and have never come back. Please save yourself the wasted money on the Rid and Nix. This really really works. Please try this first before you do anything else. For three months I was dealing with these little bugs, and in just one application of Listerine and Vinegar that were gone.

Happy Mom!

I was at my wits end with my daughter's lice reinfestations. We had been dealing with them for 3 months. I used Nix and it just was not working. I found this website and thought what do I have to loose. This WORKED!!!No more lice! You can actually see all the dead lice after the Listerine treatment!It has been 2 weeks since I did this treatment and still nothing! She continues to Cocunut Shampoo and Conditioner just for GP. I wish I would have looked up the information months ago when it all started. Don't try anything else, this is all you need!!




Shoulda Used Nature's Defender Head Lice Solution, kills adult lice, nits and loosens the nit glue too in about two hours its done, and repels them too, Kind to hair, skin and not irritating, I did and never had to cut a single hair, or harm my colored hair.

Emilyyy <3

My name is emily, i am 13, and got head lice when i was babysitting my autistic neighbour 3 weeks ago. I have had it before, in grade 4, and what we used was mineral oil and vinegar. But tomorrow morning, when i wake up, i am going up to the pharmacy, to buy a metal nit comb, and im going to attempt to find all of the stuff i need for this recipe.. but do you need the coconut stuff, bc i live in a rlly small town, so i dont know if i could find it around here.....


this works great. i want to thank you so much. you have saved me so much money. also a lot of time....

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