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As my dad always said when I had cramps in my legs.. 'Eat a banana!!'

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eat a bannana!!!! are you on drugs you stupid little man, if you hadnt slept for more than a week you would find that some silly fucking bannana eating piss face tells you to 'eat a fucking bannana' is gonna make me better you gotta be on drugs, now go and take the said bannana and shove it up your dads arse!!!!!!!


I won't be as harsh as the other guy, but he's right. If you have suffered from RLS, you know it's not cramps. It's a tingly, wanna twitch, wiggle kinda feeling. I've suffered from it for years as well, since my last pregnancy (17 yrs. ago!) Anyway, I went to sleep clinic and got prescriped Requip. It worked well for the first few years, but now not as well. So here I am looking for home remedy advice from people who REALLY suffer from it and I see this comment, geesh!


j you are actually right because bananas have potassium and it does help.


From reading so many suggestions the Banana doesn't sound stupid it contains what loads of people say haven helped their RLS
No need for bad language on a awesom site like this that just helps so many people


restless legs and cramps have nothing in common. Bananas do help when you are low in potassium, but not with restless legs.


RLS is not the same thing as leg cramps. This person obviously does not have RLS. VERY DIFFERENT!!!


I had RLS with both of my pregnancies and eating a banana before bed completely got rid of it. I went right to sleep if I ate it half an hour before bed. I know it sounds stupid but it worked for me so maybe it can work for others too.


if bananas relieves you from cramps, you don't have rls... you have potassium deficiency!!!!!!


RLS and leg cramps are not the same. I suspect that the person making this banana post does not have RLS. Basically I think that the person making the first, rude, colorful, comment was saying what many of us felt.


Ohhh man....I saw red! Eat a banana?!? At first I wanted to mouth off but then I figured it's not really worth it :(

I haven't slept more than 45 minutes to an hour per night in over a week. I'm goin' bat-crap crazy here! is what it is.

What I've found that has helped me in my 15+ years of hell with RLS is as follows: wrapping my legs in ACE bandages, avoiding caffeine, leg stretches before bed, avoid getting too tired, avoid OTC meds that make might you sleepy (Benadryl, Unisom, Nyquil...) and lastly...acceptance. Sometimes it's better to just get up, get outta bed, realize that tonight I won't be sleeping and make the best of it. Laying it bed or obsessing over remedies just makes it worse for me. So, get up and walk, pace, watch a movie, clean house or do whatever you gotta do to get your mind off of your RLS.

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