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Ok well i am still young i am 17 almost 18. Well i just had my first child last summer. I got so many stretch marks on my thi, my inner thi, my stomach, my hips, my chest. I never thought i would find anything that would work. One day i was walking through the store and i usly find an oitment for scars and stretch marks, but i found 1 just for stretch marks cream called vit-k for stretch mark i was like maybe this will work so i bought it.. it is 11.00 but works so well... like a week later i noticed my stretch marks were lighter and after 3 weeks they were pretty much gone. my stomach even had real bad stretch markswhere it looks like a whole bunch of hills and they have smooth out.. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS FOR YOU CAUSE IT WORKED FOR ME... GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Where can you buy the vit k? please email me at please im desparate... im only 19 and got zebra stripes in my tummy everywhere i would look


hi i realy need one ointment as am 28yrs and mother of 2 after my second kid the stretch has increased.. please help me where did u get them from. u can email me with the details. or


Please email me where you got this? Thanks.


I googled it and ist actually called Vita-K for stretchmarks--you can order it on-line for about $13.
I havent tried it but seems like worth a shot since its alot cheaper than the rest of the stuff thats out there--if anybody else decides to try it please post your results. I would but I have no credit card to order online--I will try to look for it in a regular drugstore though.


im only fifteen and has tons of stretch marks! its gross.
where can you buy this?
please response me through my email.


My Body Was Flawless Before I Had My Son 3 Months Of Age Now. Love Him To Death But What He Did To My Body Is Unforgivable ! lol =] 1st 7 Months I Thought I Was Home Free. By The 8 I Woke Up One Morning Completely Covered ! By Tummy, Sides, Inner & Outter Thigh Area, My Calves, & One Lonesome Stretch Mark Right In The Middle Of My Butt; Ugh ! Makes Me So Mad Sometimes I Want To Cry. Can You Please Email Me Where You Bought This Cream At Thanks A Whole Lot ! Signed Depressed Teen With Zebra Skin.


where can i find dis am so in need of finding something that would work for me . I had stretch marks on mi thighs for 3 or 4 years now and i really wan to wear short pants and skirts please help me email me @

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