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I have a SEVERE reaction to poison ivy/oak/sumac. Large, thick patches that get 1/2' thick and ooze for what seems like FOREVER!!!! I think I have tried everything!!! I've always been wary about the bleach solution (just tried it finally, think it might be a good solution, thanks!). One summer, after 4 months of recurring / ongoing poison ivy reaction, cortizone shots, oral steroids, etc. I gave up trying to fix it, got desperate for some summer fun and went swimming. The NEXT DAY the itching , oozing and scabbing were gone! It must have something to do with the pool chemicals! I don't know what the 'majic bullet' was, but the pool worked! Having an outbreak now ... going swimming tonight for sure!

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It's the chlorine (bleach) in the pool.
Swimming in the pool has always been good for it.

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