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I broke my back tooth last week and have been in severe pain!!
I went immedaitely to the emergency room after I had broken my tooth & they gave me penicillin for the swelling & infection (oh, I forgot to mention that the side of my face was a balloon)and naproxen for the pain (which did NOTHING) I began to rinse my mouth with Peroxide & water & that immediately made the swelling go down & eased the pain. Well, a week later, the pain has come back with avengence.
I have already tried Ibuprofen, Tylenol extra strength, salt water rinse & peroxide....and nothing. So, i came across this site & tried the vanilla extract & it actually works! Not 100% But enough to relieve the tears & try to get a good nite's sleep!
Thank you all so much for your advice....I'm on ym way to walgreen's to get the red cross stuff, too!!

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i have the worse tooth ache i went to the ER and they could not see an abscess but the dentist wont see me till the pain goes away hahaha. penicillin, lortabs. ibuprofen nothing is helping. i tried salt, baking soda, coke cola, vanilla, orajel, i went and bought clove oil which only works as long as its on the tooth and ate the inside of my cheek up because the pain is at the base of the tooth, so i saw everyone saying the red cross was the best so i went out and got it---all it is, is clover oil. i haven't eaten and slept in 3 days. help!!!!

pat moody

OH boy I have had my fair share of tooth aches..I think I am the big chicken when it comes to the dentist.I had been having a tooth hurt so I went on line to look for a remedy..The vanilla really does work..I appplied it directly on the tooth and it works..thanks for the tip..

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