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I have really fair skin and I react really bad to chigger bites. I got probably about 50 in my private spots. I was at camp when I got them so I couldn't use any of the remedies where you do somthing as soon as you spot the bite. I tried lots of things (when I got home 2 days later) off this website including, the hairdryer, the oatmeal bath, nail polish, and many ointments and creams. None of them worked for me. My dad took me to the store and a lady (that worked there) asked us what we were looking for. We said chigger bite relief and then she gave us this container. It was called 'Chiggerex' She said that it was the only thing she used. We got it and when we got home I was totally relieved.

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We tried the ChiggerX got it at Wal-Mat for $2.00 my wife applied it and the itching stopped. The next day the bit started to heal. After years of trying everything this stuff works.


I used chigger ex one time it worked one time it didn't so idk


i got chiggerex and it didnt seem to work i was even begining to think i didnt have chiggers but went to the doctor and found out i did. So it must work depending on the person idk

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