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I had a toothache and no insurance and the earliest I could get an appointment to the clinic was in one month. I was in tears and couldn't sleep. Here is what works:

Oregano Oil is the best with less mess than the flakes. Just put one or two drops on a Q-tip and rub it over the infected gum or tooth. Works wonders.

I have also been taking Activated Charcoal capsules which draws out the toxins in your body. As well as packing my tooth in an activated charcoal poulstice wrapped in gauze or cheesecloth and sleep with it overnight.

I mixed Activated charcoal (break open a few capsules), Oil of Oregano (1-2 drops), liquid bentonite clay-mix together to make a thick paste and scoop into a gauze or piece of cheesecloth and stick it up in the gum where it is infected.

Hope this helps many as much as it did me.

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