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I had colitis for almost 2 years and the only thing that seems to help me when i have flare-ups is this take a blender add plain yogurt, salt, ground cumin powder, and fresh tumeric(hard to find but you can try a indian grocery store they usually have it or can order it for you) lots of tumeric!!! might not taste that great but it worked for me i thought nothing was going to help but this did and i still kept taking the med. that was prescribed to me by my doc. I also heard that cabbage juice is good for you and wheat grass shot but i cant keep those down i always seem to throw it back up. Hopefully this helps you

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I have had bleeding colitis for 10 years! You are correct about the wheat shot but that is not for drinking no wonder you cannot keep it in this is a shot to use as an enema and it is very effective. first do an enema with warm water after waiting 20 min do the enema with wheat shot 90-120 ml I use wheat grass juice from the natural stores retain it for like 15 min.
Good luck!

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