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I was treated by a physician for severe chigger bites and her remedy works. If you do this, you will be free of chiggers by the end of the day. Chiggers are the larvae of a certain type of mite. They bite into your skin and release digestive enzymes to eat some of your skin. This causes irritation and by the time it really itches, the chigger is on the move to feed somewhere else. It's not living in your skin in a burrow under your itchy lump. It's going to bite you somewhere else.

It's easy to get rid of chiggers. Just use a common pediculide such as 'Nix'. It will kill the chiggers on your body after a quick application, a ten minute wait and rinse. I do so after each time I enter a known area infested with chiggers and I have been relatively chigger-free for over a decade.
I have heard of people using a dog's flea dip for this purpose too. That stuff is actually stronger than Nix. I'm not sure I'd recommend that and certainly never spray yourself with something that kills insects such as 'RAID'. You could end up accidentally killing yourself by covering your body with a strong insecticide.

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We live in a rural area and chiggers are common. I was just in the yard and was getting a case of the 'I can feel them but can't see them' on my legs. I was wearing shorts so I sprayed Cutter on my lower legs and ankles. That did the trick, no bites on those parts. However, they just moved North to more private areas.

I usually use Chiggerex with minimal relief, and this time tried a hot bleach bath. (1 cup bleach to our big garden tub) I think that killed any remaining chiggers as I don't have any new bites, and it did seem to relieve the itching for a while, but it's not long term.. If you try this, be careful about the bleach to water ratio...

As far as I can tell, there's no sure thing, just have to keep trying until your happy with the results.


Went trail running yesterday and saw a swarm of them running up both of my feet and ankles. Over the course of a night and day, I was developing more and more bites. I tried the finger nail polish thing. It helped minorly and I was just about COVERED with bites covered with polish. Tonight I went out and got the nix shampoo and covered my dry body with it. SUCCESS!! I bought the $13 bottle. It' a gel so it goes on well and I put it on my entire body. No burning. It's still on after 1 1/2 hours and I've decided to sleep with it on. I could feel them moving on me but not see them. Totally wierd.

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