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My excruciating toothache pain in lower left jaw immediately started draining away when I massaged an acupuncture point called Stomach-5 on the opposite side of the pain. No pain all night and all morning. When I felt something start again at noon, I massaged the point again and the sensation disappeared.

Stomach-5 is an acupuncture point for lower jaw toothache pain. The point is located on your lower jaw. First, on the OPPOSITE side of the pain, find the angle of your jawbone under your earlobe. Then, move about 1/2 inch towards your chin along the jawbone. There will be a depression there on the side of the jawbone between the tendons. Massage this point for several minutes on the opposite side of the painful tooth.

It might not work for all toothache pain, but it worked for mine, and I hope it works for yours. I'm making a dental appointment today because a friend told me that root canals these days are done easily and painlessly, unlike the horror stories of the past. I have a cracked filling - no abscess or inflammation.

By the way, some other people found relief by massaging the v-area between the thumb and index finger. That point is called Large Intestine-4. It did not help my particular pain, but it did help others and that is GREAT.

People have different reasons for their toothache. Disease, abscesses, cavities, broken filling, broken tooth. Also, some have toothaches due to stress and/or dietary factors, just like headaches. My pain got worse after eating chocolate and fruit, and warm liquids or warm food made it hurt more, too. Something to think about.

Anyway, good luck to all in finding the relief you desire!

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