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I get severe migraines & I was told to try peppermint oil. You can find it at some special foods stores, I had mine special ordered at a pharmacy. It was around $10 for a small bottle, but you only use a few drops so it will last a long time. Dip a Q-tip into the peppermint oil and apply it where it hurts - forehead, temples, neck - careful not to get close to your eyes. Start with a tiny bit to be sure you're not sensitive and the vapors don't bother your eyes.. you might not feel the effect for a few minutes, so don't over apply it. This seems to last for a long time and produces a very nice cooling effect, also, the peppermint scent is said to relieve upset stomach which can sometimes come with a headache. You can add more if needed. If you lie down in a dark room with a ceiling fan lightly blowing this will make it more 'cool'.. also, if you use cloth ice packs, such a cloth bag filled with ice that has been kept in the freezer, you can apply 2 drops of the oil onto the pack - just don't place it directly onto your eyes. Hope this helps someone out there!

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I find 800mg of Ibuprofen 3 cups of very strong caffinated coffee work best


none of these remedies have worked for me! I have been suffering from a migraine for over 5 months, never had a day without pain and have had every test done and all test results have came back clear.


Sometimes I can stop a migraine with pepperment oil. I rub on the inside of my nose. It doesnt work everytime, but when it does its is wonderful!

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